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Diversity Equity and a inclusion and offering opportunity to those in need to create abundance for all

I read an interesting white paper by Maurico Miller – sharing the need and opportunity – by helping those less fortunate in finding their strengths and support them through collaboration and support ! 

People worry about two things

 1) meeting basic needs such as food, shelter, health, etc. and 

2) getting ahead so that you don’t have to constantly worry about food, shelter and basic needs

6 billion people or 75% of the worlds population hover around poverty – as they move from poverty to education and middle class – there will be a wave of abundance and opportunity !

Jobs usually don’t cut the mustard – to be able to have a little fruit on the sideboard – people need to do side jobs selling dresses or tamales to supplement the meager wages from their employers. These people  are the major “makers” of the local economy. 

They keep prices low , pay taxes on what they purchase – they should not be treated as lazy and kept in poverty.

How can we identify their strengths and nurture them?

The opportunity gap 

There are various entrepreneur programmes , from school, universities and government initiatives –  where entrepreneurs can connect, learn,  collaborate and grow with each other supported by mentors and investors .

And then there are  those “illegal immigrants – looking to make ends meet by twilightIng – cooking , cleaning – getting cash for services and relying on “micro loans” – sending the few dollars that they save back to their families overseas .

How do we identify the talents of these immigrants – and help them achieve their potential? (Which is often in abundance) 

We need to  recognise that those struggling around poverty are assets to be honored and are the future of their local societies as well as ours . 

One of the misconceptions our society has – is that we have a stagnant underclass generally portrayed to be fluctuating above and below 15 percent of our population. It creates an image that the low-income families are generations of takers from society – “stuck.” In poverty 

In reality an ever-changing group of families that also includes middle-class families who have temporarily lost jobs or faced a crisis.

Many  immigrants sacrifice so their children can be educated and advance – this has been the nature of how America has advanced !!

Case in point 

Jews coming from pogroms and holocaust – selling shmutters on the sidewalk – saving so their children can go to school !!

Vietnamese coming as  immigrants from the war – now their children are doctors , lawyers and are cream of society 

Life is a cycle 
“We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”
– Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King,

Mauricio Miller  a CPDC investment fund, who helps and invests in these humans mauricio@mauriciomiller.or



Posted on March 2, 2023

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