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Great article /podcast on Property in USA – very relevant to Property anywhere!

Molly Wood , JCAL , Redfin CEO Glenn Kolman and Divvey CEO Adena Hefets share what’s happenning in the USA real estate market ! 
Interest rates rising, housing unaffordable, , growth doubled since 2020!!!
Divvy – rent owner company – great way to purchase a property with the support of a capital base . Individual rents a property – buyer picks a home – part of rent to purchase – pays more to own 10pc over 3 years and then takes a mortgage 
gets  people into property faster 
Redfin Online realestate  – charges 1pc – using technology to sell a property 
  • Raising interest – massive impact – debt to income ratio – you can buy less home !! Banks only lend a percentage of what you earn !!
  • Demand falling off a Cliff – currently down 30pc demand – inventory building up !
  • Tail of many cities – hitting various regions differently 
  • IBuyers , institutions , builder mark properties down weekly 
  • People can’t buy – need to rent
  • Most rental mom and pop. Not institutional – won’t sell in a hurry 
  • 15pc to 20pc increase for new tennants 
  • Land lost cost of capital increasing to cover higher costs 
  • Lower vacancy 
In Australia – openning up for  international students , building costs increasing, limited supply , government support , Airbnb back – will this put a cap on property prices 
What does this mean for property prices over next 5 years ?
Posted on August 7, 2022

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