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Great review on referron and the importance of referrals

Referral are key to grow your business, says Kane and there are 3 areas that one has to overcome to make that referral work:-

1. Make it happen – when you want to refer to someone,, referron makes it easy for you to take action on the fly! – and if you refer to them, they will refer to you and your business will grow!

2. Get parties to connect to each other – referron enables this to happen by providing tools for the business to follow up their referrals.

3. Did the referral work out – referron provides the methodology of giving the referrer feedback, and gives him the ability to account and manage the referrals that he or she has given!

Kane says that the app is brilliant , and wishes that he had an application like this when building his businesses 10 years ago!  “referron is one of the best tools I have seen in a long time that helps business refer and get referred!”

Posted on July 1, 2013

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