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How to nail your presentation!

Roger Amir share 7 gems on how to present 

When you are given the opportunity to present in front of someone or a group of people you have the greatest chance of moving them to action, so here are some tips to help achieve that goal.
1, Prepare, prepare, prepare. Remember this is the biggest tip of all, no one wants to hear someone stumble through their presentation. 
2, Know your audience, taking the time to understand your audience mindset can completely change how you deliver your message.
3, Start with a great introduction, first impressions count be sure to kick off your presentation with a good start. 
4, A picture speaks a thousand words, your presentation could include a video, a slide show, graphs.
5, Have the right tools to present, be sure to have all the features you need if you were presenting off your laptop, or an interactive screen, having the most updated equipment could make all the difference.
6, Tell a story, if need be, sometimes it’s easier to retell an experience this will capture your audience better than memorizing. 
7, Allow time for questions. Questions are a good sign that your audience has been paying attention, but they also give the audience an opportunity to raise issues or clarify your explanations
Remember to know what to say is just the message but how you say it and deliver is the presentation and that could make all the difference.
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Posted on October 10, 2022

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