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I choose hope

As our planet fights climate change , bias, retrenchment , recession and war , and members of our family struggle with sickness and ailments  , it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by FUD – fear uncertainty and doubt

“We have the choice to hope – even though this is so very hard to do when we are in the grip of despair. “

These were the final wise words from Edith Egers mother who was murdered at Auschwitz.

You always have the choice of what to put in your mind …. And hope … will help you to your path of success and happiness !

Disaster brings out the best in people –  tremendous kindness, generosity and compassion in abundance . very best of humanity and that’s what fills me with gratitude and hope.

We cannot choose our environment and the dangers of war, retrenchment, recession or external challenges that we may have 

We can choose how we focus our thoughts, and through which lens we view our world.

So, when we struggle with despair or helplessness – and we will – time and again, we need to  go back to the choice we have 

– to hope again.

Hope gives your heart courage and strength to do the right thing  no matter how afraid and vulnerable you feel. (Psalms 27:14). 

Hope is that this too shall pass, that when working together we can rise to what life is demanding of us, and that we have the power to see the good and feel the gratitude. 

We are part of a wave – We are not in control  we never were, but we do have one choice and that is to choose hope.

Our choice is to hope that we can make a small difference as we ride the wave on our collective journey 

Wishing you all the courage and faith to keep on hoping

Posted on November 9, 2022

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