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Let’s celebrate our wins as it relates to Climate and Innovation

“The world is awful. 

The world is much better. 

The world can be much better. 

The world is amazing . “

All four  statements are true at the same time.”

We had an amazing global climate action conference forum – where German Gyr and Lisa Friedman suggested how we can make this fragile rock that we live on  a better place by treating it as if we are landing on “another planet” 


Climate change is leading to more frequent extreme weather. But in the last few years , we also made exponential gains in solar power, batteries, nuclear energy, and green hydrogen …. And continue to do more .

Business is about solving problems – and there are big problems to solve over the next few years! 

Some of the cool things that are happening 

Solar Power 

Solar power capacity around the world is on track to roughly triple over the next five years and overtake coal as the leading source of power globally. Technical improvements are constant — such as M.I.T. researchers’ developing a way to produce thin and flexible solar panels that can turn almost any outdoor surface into a power source.

Sun Cable in Australia involves the development of a 17- to 20-gigawatt solar farm in the NT, capable of powering about 15 million homes, and a 36 to 42GW battery – which can export power to Singapore! It has its problems – however the players – including Mike Cannon Brookes and Government are confident about its future !

Batteries and hydrogen technology

Battery tech is  making remarkable advances crucial to storing green power. 

Nuclear fusion as an energy source marked a milestone in 2022. https://www.neimagazine.com/news/newsjapan-confirms-nuclear-policy-change-10486501

Green hydrogen is also gaining ground and could be useful for shipping and energy storage. 

There are a number of listed companies on the ASX focusing on hydrogen and the Australian Government has committed $1.2B to advancing hydrogen  Technology with a view to reducing carbon emissions . 

The Government announced this week that it  will invest A$70 million ($49 million) in the development of a green hydrogen hub in Queensland, as the nation aims to add exports of the zero-emissions fuel to its role as a key fossil fuel supplier.

We’ll soon be able to enjoy cheaper, more reliable and more portable power than ever before. Whether from solar or fusion, could be transformational: 

For example, it could run desalination plants to provide the fresh water that we’re running out of.

Ships can be used for cleaning the seas 

Technology to clean water 

Here are some technologies presented at our Global Climate Action Investor Forum 


Other cool things that have happened 

Health tech has likewise made immense gains. Scientists are making significant progress on vaccines for malaria, reflecting what may be a new golden age for vaccine development. Immunotherapy is making progress against cancer (among other feats, it is keeping one of my friends alive). A new gene editing technique may be able to cure sickle cell anemia; Bill Gates argues in his annual letter that the same approach may eventually offer a cure for H.I.V./AIDS as well.

Artificial intelligence and ChatGPT

Powerful internet services and communication devices enabling us to connect collaborate and communicate internationally 

People in poverty are declining and child mortality is falling 

So let’s stop beating ourselves up and celebrate some wins ….

All the bad news should be counteracted with the good news  where we acknowledge the gains and celebrate the wins!!! 

Progress happens and the world becomes a better place as we innovate , connect, collaborate, learn and grow 

Onwards and upwards

OPINION NICHOLAS KRISTOF / Cheer Up! The World Is Better Off Than You Think.

Inspired by bill gates post

Join us at our next  global climate action forum ! https://bbgforum.com.au/forum/global-climate-action-forum/
Posted on January 14, 2023

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