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Plan for 1 million houses in Oz to solve chronic shortage of properties

Government are planning to release 1 million new homes across Australia to deal with housing, social, and economic challenges facing the nation.


Rental properties are scarce and rising and property prices unaffordable and unobtainable for most millennials with no help from their families .

According to the powers that are managing  the $10 billion housing future fund, what is needed is more investment from the private sector in affordable housing, , faster zoning, planning and more land release by state and territory governments, particularly around “well-located” state land near train stations and TAFE campuses. 


– low level of experienced local labour

– inefficient productivity practices across construction and bottlenecks in supply chain 

How do you solve these wicked problems ?

‘Greenshots’ – the 21st century equivalent to the last century’s ‘moonshot’ success. Share  5 areas the industry  MUST focus on to solve this challenge:

1. design buildings and products for disassembly with sustainable, circular materials;

2. shift from product to materials centric operating model (placing materials at the core of precincts and ventures); 

3. deliver products-as-a-service putting responsibility back onto brands vs customers, governments, and citizens when dealing with all forms of waste (i.e valuable resources); 

4. shrink the manufacturing and service via (micro assembly service centre operating model), across each city and region across Australia; and 

5. sustainable, circular finance backed by trusted layer of transparency around materials usage across your network of products, cities, and precincts. 

Some of the things the government is doing

Treasurer Jim Chalmers and the state treasurers to meet to solve these wicked problems 

Up to $500 million a year will be used to build social and affordable homes, repair and maintain housing in remote Indigenous communities, provide transition housing options for women and children leaving domestic violence, and fund specialist services for veterans experiencing homelessness.

Collins said of the 30,000 homes to be funded under the scheme, 20,000 would be social housing, of which 4000 would go to women and children leaving domestic violence or older women on low incomes at risk of homelessness.

Helping  10,000 essential workers such as police, nurses and cleaners enter the property market by co-investing with them 

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Inspires from  the SMH article:

Posted on February 12, 2023

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