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Smashing through the leadership lid

#Chutzpah, # Change ,#Action #Vision , #Franchising, #Systems,  the value of a #brand 

Anthony James posted a great Insite today that popped up a day after I was having a conversation with my colleague and friends Bill Mclellan about the opportunity to buy a franchise and how to look to do something different post Covid

“Be willing to see the impossible change. Consider things you never have before. Blow the lid off your life.”

— Brianna Wiest

“Envision and live life without limits! – Eunice C “

Learn from those who have done it before and became successful 

John Maxwell in his book – the 21 laws of leadership – a must read – talks about “breaking through “ the leadership lid – 

The dude – roger bannister – who broke the 4 minute mile – no one had Don this – once he did – and people saw that it could be done – many people broke through 

Experiment of bees – put in a jar -with lid. – when lid was taken off over a few days – bees  could not leave the jar – they were conditioned that there was a lid there.

The dude who “started McDonald’s “  – ray kroc did a deal with the McDonald brothers – he saw a vision – the brothers did not want to change from their one store – but eventually they  agreed 

The McDonald’s Story 

Taking Action 

Kroc’s story is about vision, persistence and chutzpah – he was selling milkshake makers to restaurants – business was failing – he landed a whale – McDonald’s – whose business was growing – And who kept on ordering more shakers –

He saw a vision – left his job – to partner with  them to build franchises 

When Kroc had created 6 franchises he bought them out ….and paid them each $1m and a small royalty . 

  • He pivoted – left his deadens job and state and started again – major change 
  • Made a partnership with brothers to franchise in 1955. In 1961 n 1961, he bought the company for $2.7 million, calculated so as to ensure each brother $1 million after taxe – plus 0.5pc royalty – they had no regrets! 
  • Standards , systems, franchise system – resulted in annual sales of $8b in 1983!
  • Ray Kroc fortune of $600m at time of death 
  • Married to 
  • Ethel 1922-1961 – 39 years 
  • Jane 1962-1968
  • Joan 1968 –  time of his death 1984 
  • At time of her death in 2003 – she left her $2.7b estate to charities – $2.5b to Salvation Army to help under priviliged 
  • Richard McDonald died leaving a will of $1.6m 

The Value of the brand 

The one thing that makes McDonald’s special – not just the system – that glorious name …. 

About the McDonald’s Franchise 

About the franchise – who makes the money ? 
Become a franchisee or be a part of the franchisor –
An investor or a worker ? 

They both do ok!!!! 

  • $1m – Sales $2.7m pa – yearly profit of $150k – 6pc net 
  • Contributes innovation and products 
  • $45k up front and – rental fee 10pc And 5pc franchise – 2014 $24b revenue – $20b franchises 
  • McDonald’s – the Franchisor makes the money 

Ray Kroc and the McDonald’s Insite 

They were busy – they made the best burger and the systems- they did not have the DESIRE to expand ….

It took another to blow the leadership lid and expand the vision 

Some Comments from Anthony James’s article about breaking the leadership lid 

This is great and inspiring Anthony J James we have to believe in ourselves and try new adventure, we have to trust and enjoy them, we can grow when we leave our comfort zone which is dreams killer to embrace new things ,keep motivating people around the world

Syveda J – a lecturer from India 

Absolutely… if at all we are willing to see the impossible change, we need to change our mindset, broaden outlook, be insightful and change the way we normally think… we need to consider things we never came across before, we need to think out of the box… we need to take the risk and just let things happen as per the plan… 


In another article he wrote 

our actions are driven by the situation… generally,  nobody hurts others intentionally… it’s the situation,  that makes one behave in a certain way. Emotional intelligence,  is all that is needed,  in such a situation. People who possess such a quality definitely show maturity to deal with the situation where others hurt them, intentionally or unintentionally… we need to be empathetic and definitely,  mature, to understand people and their situation… 

Clare Evans

Seeing the #change makes the #impossible #possible

The #problem in the #past is that #people seem to have #lost their #vision as well as #lost #sight of the #real #problem at #hand.

#micromanaging #largescale #globalproblems will never be #successful.

#identify the #rootcause then find the  #system for the #solution.

Brianna Wiest

Posted on June 17, 2020

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