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So what are the ingredients of resilience to overcome adversity ?

Whatever your situation is – whether you are rich or poor, educated or not , a professional, Tradie, traveller, king or servant  – you and  yours will suffer a chronic and life-limiting illness or disability and death – and you will feel pain , hurt and suffering .

During your journey on this fragile rock –  you’ll face challenges that will test your character, willpower, strength and resilience .

And the feeling will be difficult or unpleasant and get to the core of your being and fears …

The good news as my mother says (who’s doing it tough at the moment – she was 88 last month)  is that if you feel the pain and adversity – you are alive!! 

And if you are resilient , and find your inner strength and push through   – you will be able to write another chapter to your story, and be wiser happier and stronger and be a step closer to finding the key to living a successful , abundant and fulfilling life.

So what are  the ingredients of resilience to overcome adversity ?

  1. Stop overthinking, overidentifying with your suffering, blaming others, and becoming a victim.  By doing this – you will create your reality of being a victim 
  2. Build a positive mindset 
  3. Have a mindset of love, self-compassion, and hope
  4. Have a mindset where  you control your destiny – not be controlled by others .
  5. Have strong values that will guide you to your true north and find those that share those values 
  6. Have A team of people that will help you along the way – and give your support and encouragement to them – celebrate their successes and wins as if they are yours – you choose those people – celebrate them – and lean on them when you feel you need to – be vulnerable and authentic with them . (Your BBG Forum? )
  7. Know that it is up to you on how to handle a situation – and treat the challenge as a learning experience 
  8. Know that you are awesome and have a burning light within you – that can be inspired enthused and engaged – visualise it – nurture it 
  9. You are  not superhuman, you are not able to control everything that happens to us but you can control how you deal and feel about what happens to you 
  10.  and you can choose to turn lemon into lemonade

It is your choice which doors you walk through and the extent to which you feel as you live or die. 

Make your choice. It is up to you to choose life, to choose living, to choose your reality. 

It is up to you to choose your mindset.

Posted on February 14, 2023

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