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So what does The Matrix, Neo, Mindfulness and Resilience have in Common?

What does resilience , mindfulness, neo and the matrix have in common?

Wellness Coach and Thought Leader, John Toomey says plenty!!!!


Being Mindful

Being mindful is being fully aware. Of your environment, of your feelings and of your mind as well as those of others! 

When you are mindful, you are in the moment and you are in the zone!

John says that being in the zone is not that easy!!

He notes that there are so many forces preventing you from being in the zone . Desires, deadlines and resistances, old wounds, deeply held beliefs including indoctrination, old transgressions, agendas, things you want to keep hidden, fears and even your own ego.

Which brings us to Resilience! 

Being mindful is to notice your negative responses, realign , chooses to appreciate the circumstance, and decides to roll with it and take action to correct things. 

You can walk into a room and a colleague could start verbally attacking you in front of other colleagues and clients. Their attack could be vitriolic and deeply personal. I would not blame you if you collapse in a traumatised and humiliated mess.

But, if you were genuinely resilient, you would notice the attack, be amazed by it, then find yourself getting interested in it, never losing your composure, and finding you still have the ability to stand your ground and take appropriate action without losing your dignity or self-respect. 

A resilient person can keep moving deliberately, even when the arrows are flying.

Which brings us to Neo and the Matrix 

There is a wonderful scene in the Matrix where Neo begins to see beyond what appears to be apparent, sees the streams of computer code, and shifts into a mode of operation where he can quietly watch as the punches and bullets glide by.

In sport, the phenomenon is often called “being in the zone”.

Other terms include

 “That person is made of Teflon. Nothing sticks!” 


“That person has an impenetrable calm”.

Mindfulness and Resilience are deeply intertwined. I am told it is a pathway to genuine self-actualization.

The good thing is that there  are strategies and excercises to help you become more mindful and resilient …much like honing your body in the gym, and eating the right food!!! 

It’s not easy – they say that if you practice it gets better!!! It is a life-long quest for self-evolution…. and as you get better, I am told that you get more  peace of mind. 

I am looking forward to stopping those bullets like Neo! 

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Posted on September 3, 2020

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