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Time to get your Profile and Centre of Influence happenning

Never waste a good crisis!!!

The opportunity for the smart business is to scout for people who are top of there field and who have been retrenched.

Those that survive will need to expand their teams to take advantage of their impending growth. 

Have you got an awesome LinkedIn profile so you can attract the right attention.

It’s worth remembering that 60% of people get a job through word-of-mouth… 

You should be using LinkedIn to rekindle relationships and connect with the people who can open the right doors for you.

This is a perfect time to position yourself as a centre of influence in your field ….. on social media and in the marketplace (through BBG or Nexttech –  so that you are attractive and visible to your prospective Employee or Customer . 

Karen Tisdell is an expert on LinkedIn Profiles – and has written a brilliant article with heaps of hints to fix your profile… she is awesome .

Click on the article below 


Feel free to share some of your gems – or your biggest takeout – or just to say how awesome Karen is 

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Posted on August 31, 2020

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