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The Future of Work and MicroLearning

There are some  big shifts that are underlying  pervasive change – which seems to be manifesting in massive layoffs in the tech sector .

With Meta – Facebook, Amazon , Google and Twitter facing laying off tens of thousands of people . 

There is a shift t

Steve Hatfield, Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Global Future of Work leader, Robin Jones, leader of its Workforce Transformation practice, and Susan Tohyama, executive vice president and chief human resources officer at human capital management (HCM) software provider Ceridian, discussed the ramifications for organizations as they plan for the workforce of the future and  Katherine Noyes, senior writer, Deloitte Insights for CIOs shares some interesting insights 

The nature of work itself is changing. 

“We’re moving from a heavily process-based model to agile teams where people work on specific projects  and work outcomes,” 

AI and technology will replace menial tasks – and the workforce will be flexible – with workers needing to constantly upskill and reskill to be an effective part of a team – enabling them to move around internally and externally in a more agile, dynamic way to meet the needs of the business.

Simon Dewar of BSI Digital believes  this agile hybrid way of bringing together teams to work on specific projects to achieve a specific outcome is the way of the future ! 

Workers need to become life long learners 

Being able to learn how to learn – focussing on the specific skills needed for upcoming organizational projects.

The tool to make this happen, says Simon Dewar of BSI Digital  is  ‘Micro-Accreditations’ With just-in-time skill building. 

“Micro-accreditations,” or short bursts of highly targeted training. Employers are able to tap a broader pool for recruiting. They can use micro-accreditations to teach them on the job. 

They don’t necessarily need to have the experience—just a desire to learn and the ability to learn how to learn 

This paradigm shift is creating a free mindset of both the employee and employer 


Employees are feeling that they are free agents with Increased flexibility, freedom, and personalized experiences that are more mission- and purpose-driven. 

The price – – less job security 


 Employers are looking to employ on an as needs basis as – elastic hiring– being able to access a project-based talent marketplace aligning individual skills with projects and company goals and moving employees around within the organization as needed. 

The price – a potential loss of IP from people with a deep knowledge of  the process. 

Welcome to the NEXTTECH revolution says CEO of NEXTTECH Learning – Cassandra Parton 



Source . https://deloitte.wsj.com/articles/say-goodbye-to-the-one-size-fits-all-workforce-model-01632160178?mod=Deloitte_cio_wsjarticle2_300x200

Posted on November 21, 2022

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