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What Is a Real Referral?

Have your ever been given a referral to call someone? 
When you called, was the person expecting your call? Did they find it somewhat of an interruption and irritation?
Many sales people are confused as to what a real referral is. 
A real referral is not when a colleague makes a recommendation for you to call someone so you can use their name to make  a “warm” call.

A real referral is when a colleague makes a recommendation for you to call someone and that person knows they’ve been referred. Subsequently, they are expecting your call. 

Anything less is just a cut above a cold call.

A professionally trained sales person develops sound strategies around how to ask for referrals and they “coach” the referee how to set up the referral effectively so that there are no unfortunate surprises.

Good selling.

Phil Lee is one of Australia’s leading sales and personal growth experts. He has worked with organisations like Oracle, LinkedIn, CBA, Optus, Concur and many SMB’s. If you would like to inquire about Phil speaking at one of your events, training or coaching your team call 02 93006001 or  email plee@sandler.com.
Referron is an app that enables you to easily refer someone  to a person you know like and trust, and enables you to track, measure and reward referrals made and received!
Posted on August 11, 2015

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