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10 gems on setting goals for the entrepreneur

“At least your life will be a combination of exhilaration, excitement, disappointment and anguish instead of just plain boring, monotonous and frustrating if you go work for the man.At the conclusion of every day you are just eight hours closer to retirement and then death.” – Bob Pritchard 

To be really successful in business, you need to 

1. Set BHAGs (big hairy audacious goals)

2. Work smart and usually ludicrous hours to achieve them at the expense of any social life.  You can and will achieve work – life balance…just not both at the same time.

How do we set our goals?

The first step is to set goals that are in line with your values.   If you are an entrepreneur your corporate goals and life goals are probably intertwined. 

Set goals you can control 

You must set goals that you can control, not goals that are totally dependent on outside forces or other people, most of whom are unreliable. Unless every single aspect of your goal is under your control, you have very little likelihood of ever achieving it.

Think big.  

 If you want to be a millionaire, focus on making your first $20 million.  If you fall short, you can bet you will have well and truly made your first million. Essentially, if you are prepared to put in the brainpower, the commitment and the dedication, nothing is impossible.  Only failures dream small.

What not to do

Anyone can create self doubt, follow the unmotivated, listen to the dream takers and set easily attainable goals. That’s what most people do and who the hell wants to be like most people?  Set a low bar and you will probably end up working in a low bar. 

Keep your goals on the border line of the impossible. Set your sights higher than the average believe possible.

Take action

Don’t believe that good things come to those who wait, those who wait will only get the crap that those who are out there pushing the envelope and really hustling leave behind or do not want.  

Visualise the end result

Set those BHAGs and set equally challenging increments to establish your success path along the way.  Visualize the end result and keep that image in your mind.  Then visualize every step along the way as part of that image. Then try to outperform every one of those increments.

Be positive 

Always be positivethe world is full of dream takers, cynics and critics who call themselves practical, but are really just full of negative energy.

 Beware those that say “I’m just being the devils advocate

Your dreams only have to be realistic to you. Fuck everyone else. Don’t even let failure enter your mind.  Look at how many people have overcome incredible adversity by believing and remaining positive.  You want to be one of them.  Sure you will have adversity and challenges but each one overcome makes you closer to your goal

Take responsibility 

No matter what your goal, whether an audacious one or a losers goal, you will face adversity, but nothing you can’t overcome if you think about the solution don’t give up. The world is full of losers whose only claim to fame is their ability to blame others for their plight. 

Surround yourself with winners 

Only surround yourself with winners, positive people who are optimistic, dump the losers.  You don’t need their negative energy.   However, when the opportunity presents itself, you must try to inspire these people to cast away the ‘can not’ attitude and accept the ‘can do’.  You then need to mentor them until winning becomes second nature to them. 

Be strong 

Mental strength is really important because you either win or lose in your mind.  With anything you do, you do it first with your mental strength and you can actually train and develop it.   

Play to win 

There is no satisfaction in losing, emotionally, financially or in any other way, but there is immense satisfaction in a multitude of ways when you win.
“Keep running; keep dreaming, keep the flame of hope alive; defeat and despair will not catch up with you

Posted on July 2, 2018

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