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10 Major Shifts in the Australian Property Market in 2013


Next Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday nights (January 29, 30 & 31) one of Australia’s most successful property investors will be revealing the Top 10 Massive Shifts Heading for the Australian Property Market This Year in a never-before offered 3-Part Webinar Series you can tune in to from the comfort of your own home or office.

His name is Phil Anderson and over the past 20 years he’s developed a multi-million dollar property portfolio that enabled him to retire at just 38, even though he only ever earned an average income his entire working life.

During the webinars Phil will be sharing the biggest shifts you need to be aware of to be successful in property investing this year, plus, his step-by-step process for acquiring property with just a $1 deposit and very low (if any) holding costs (a model 460 other investors have already used to grow their portfolios).

Go here to secure your place now

More than 3,500 people have already registered to attend this webinar, which is likely to be the largest webinar ever run for Australian property investors, so you know this is in-demand information that could make a big difference to your investing decisions this year (and potentially save you hundreds of thousands).

Phil purchases multiple properties every year and is the guy who regularly picks property hot spots 12 – 24 months before they appear on just about everyone else’s radar, so he’s a smart operator and one person you should be listening to amidst all the conflicting information on the Australian Property Market right now.

Go here to secure your place now

There is a limited capacity for these webinars. With so many already registered, this is likely to close soon.

Posted on January 25, 2013

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