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15 tips to communicate better

From a tweet from @guykawasaki

1. Use we – avoid I
2. eye contact – give people the same courtesy as you want to be given – 
3. Be present and focus on the conversation at hand 
4. Avoid interrupting – subconscious – I am more important than you
5. Become a good listener
6. Body language – posture – look interested 
7. Paraphrase – show them that you heard
8. Don’t make assumptions before hearing the whole message – people like to get their message heard ! 
9. Don’t let your emotions control what you say – think before you talk 
10. Ask probing questions – people like to elaborate and be heard
11. Ask people about their life vs telling them about yours
12. You don’t have to win an argument 
13. Don’t expect people to become a mind reader ! – Communicare your needs and instructions clearly 
14. Avoid powerless language – ” excuse me , am I bothering you “
” if it’s not too much trouble” 
“It might be a dumb idea”
15. Be empathetic – relate to how the other person might feel – make the other people feel good about themselves 
Posted on February 3, 2015

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