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2 emerging trends for 2015

2 trends predicted by MIchael Evans 

The Outsourcing of Everything

Google, Amazon, and other companies have already become consumer outsourcing service providers. 

Meals, groceries, shopping, dry cleaning, and almost every other service one would leave the house for can be outsourced for a fee. 

To many, this is a trend that is reemerging from the past. Remember Webvan, the grocery delivery company that did a deep dive into bankruptcy almost 15 years ago at the nadir of the dot-com bust?

 As companies like Google figure how to make personal outsourcing services economical and profitable, outsourcing for consumers will become a huge growth industry in 2015 as people become willing to pay more to preserve their personal time.

Convergence and Consolidation of Social Media and Business 

– Facebook is largely a young consumer media company. 

-LinkedIn is largely a business network, and 

– Twitter a social commentary site. 

– keynected – enables brands and their customers communicate with each other 

Social media in 2015 will consolidate (how many social media sites can survive?) and become true B2B and B2C business tools through strategic alliances or mergers. 

-Salesforce.com is the preeminent sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)platform for business. 

– Microsoft is the leading small and mid-sized business software company. 

-IBM ( who are they? ) 

There will be significant consolidation and convergence in the Internet, business services, and social media industries in 2015.

About Michael Evans

Michael Evans is Managing Director for the Newport Board Group, with deep knowledge of business strategy. He can be reached at (415) 990-1844 or via email at mievans@msn.com.

Posted on December 20, 2014

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