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2017-2018 Australian budget looks solid


The Federal Government announced its Budget for 2017-18. It seems that this budget indicates that Turnbull’s government has a good handle on what is needed for the country, boding for a dream run towards   2020! 

The initiatives of needs-based school funding – together with big bets on infrastructure, the removal of the Medicare rebate freeze, a crackdown on non-residents investing in Australian real estate and a one year reprieve for the popular small business $20,000 instant asset write-off – are epic – well done ✅.

 Policy introduced to increase competition Australia’s fintech sector, making it easier for small businesses to raise capital and allow businesses to test a wider range of financial products without a licence. ( read more here http://ift.tt/2qXbDtn


The superannuation measures announced dealing with the financial arrangements impacting on retirement – vis a vis superannuation, taxation, aged care and social security – is going a long way to ensure the system is fair, sustainable and fit for the long-term.

A little bit more for support of innovators and exporters would be nice – maybe

  • maybe a relaxation of the r and d definition from science to innovation 
  • an offset of the foreign levy if you   export or innovate?  eg claim an r and d tax concession or export grant )

What do you think? 

Posted on May 9, 2017

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