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3 Gems that will wow your audience – every time…. thanks Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is in my view one of the most dynamic speakers on the planet….. 

Robbins gives his top three tips to wow your audience:-  

1. Know and respect your audience.

Robbins said that getting to know your audience and respecting them for who they are “might sound basic and corny, but I don’t see it that way. I want to know, just like when I work with an individual, what do they desire, what do they hate, what do they love, what are they hungry for, what’s missing?”
“Because the more you understand what somebody wants, needs, and fears, the more you can figure out how to add value,” he said. Before he speaks at an event or in front of a company, he does his “homework” and interviews people who will be attending, and has his team fill him in on what the else he needs to know.

2. Add more value than anyone expects.

Robbins said that in order to leave a lasting impression on your audience, you need to surprise them by going deeper than they predicted. The key to doing this is by truly caring about what you’re saying.
“Don’t ever speak publicly about anything that you’re not passionate about and that you don’t actually believe you have something truly unique to deliver,” he said.
“Don’t get roped into talking about something that you don’t really have passion for, and don’t get roped into something you don’t have expertise in. Why should somebody listen to you? If you’re going to take somebody’s time, you better deliver.”

3. Tap your audience’s emotions.

“We’ve all been put to sleep by somebody who’s told us all these wonderful facts that didn’t matter because information without emotion is not retained,” Robbins said. A great presenter draws you in and takes you outside of yourself. That’s why you need to transport the audience.
And the way to move an audience is by becoming moved yourself, which can only happen if you’re being genuine.
“So if you’re just giving some frickin’ talk you’ve memorized over and over again, you’re going to have a flat affect,” he said. “If you’ve just got a bunch of visuals on the screen that are leading your talk, hang up your shoes and get the hell out of there.” Practice your presentation, but give yourself room to improvise.
“You need to be in the moment and flexible to make it real and raw,” Robbins said. “You’ll enjoy it, they’ll enjoy it, and you’ll be memorable.”

This story first appeared on Business Insider
Posted on March 31, 2016

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