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3 Ways to build Mental Toughness

Mental toughness is key to being an entrepreneurial success….

You can have incredibly marketing chops, off-the-charts productivity, and be highly passionate about your business. 

But without mental toughness, you won’t be able to stick it out when the going gets tough.  

Jonathan John gives 3 gems on how to build mental toughness

1. Be a Duck –

Why a duck? a 

duck bobs its head under water for a quick second, then lifts back up. The water on its head then goes streaming down their back, but doesn’t stick; the drops just roll off!! So…….don’t take things personally, don’t hold grudges , learn from your mistakes and failures, shake them off and move on.

2. Get with the right people
You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. – Jim Rohn

You will always get the sceptics – ignore them…. Associate with people that will help build your business and spur you onto taking action and breaking through…. 

3 ways –
 mastermind groups, 
conferences , 

Mastermind groups: Typically, a mastermind is comprised of a group of like-minded people trying to achieve a common goal (in this case, entrepreneurial success). When you join a mastermind, you’ll share your progress in regular meetings with other members as you try to reach this goal, thereby holding yourself accountable to those in similar positions who would actually care about your success.

Conferences: Most of us pursue businesses that are totally Internet-based … so even the thought of committing to something offline, like a conference or a networking session, is completely contrary to our nature (as an introvert, this is especially true for me). Nevertheless, you have to suck it up and get yourself out there. Find a business conference that’s local to your area (if necessary) and relevant to your industry, and attend. The relationships you’ll build and the friends you’ll make are nearly always well worth it.

Blogs: Believe it or not, a blog isn’t just a marketing tool; it can also be a great place to connect with the right people. For example, Alex Turnbull is sharing his company’s journey to $500K/month at the Groove blog. From the comment section, it’s easy  to see that there are quite a lot of people who are tracking his progress with great interest. These followers not only add their insights and experiences in the comments, but they also serve as a way to keep Alex accountable to his goal.

3. Celebrate Successes
By recognizing your victories, even the smallest ones, you’ll constantly give yourself and your team that mental boost and reinforce positive thinking.

Did you lock in that new contract

Did you lose 1kg this week? Celebrate your success

Did you exceed your budget for the month/quarter/year? Celebrate your success

Did you just add 1000 subscribers to your list with a new marketing campaign? Celebrate your success.

Have your social media channels been exploding in growth? Celebrate your success.

Did your latest infographicget picked up by major sites in your niche? Celebrate your success. 

Get a vision and pursue it with a good attitude, a belief in yourself, a willingness to grow, focus and enthusiasm

Jonathan John

jonathan@jrjwrites.com. Jonathan John is a freelance blogger for hire and a content marketing maestro. 

Posted on January 3, 2016

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