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3 Ways to use space for success

By Tanya Lacy  

How easy it is to keep going when you’re in a momentum. Right? You’re on a roll. You’re on the move. You’re busy.  Let’s pause a second. A roll to where?  You’re on track. To where? Is where you’re headed exactly where you’re meant to be. Or is it time to pause a second, and face it may be time to correct course? This writing right here is not meant to disrupt. Just ‘intercept’. Just check-in . Check in with you, that the trajectory you’re on, is indeed yours. How to check? How do you do this? Space. Here’s 3 ways to try. 

#1 Golf

Yes golf. The green, the space, the fresh air. Just you and that pesky ball.  All your inner voice, (the one inside your mind) needs to remember? The ball goes in the hole. Easy right? And in the spaces between directing that magical spherical is where you meet yourself. Those moments, that space? It’s a de-frag. It’s a realignment, it’s a righting of your capacities. This is the power of 9 holes (or so) of golf. And the busier you are, the more intense you are, the more reason to be out. New perspectives away from work, simply works. Leonardo, Picasso and Michael-Angelo all agree. Or try, a holiday alone. A run, a walk, the gym. Whatever works for you. Prioritise it. Get refreshed. Be with yourself. 

#2 Transport Yoga

No, I’m not suggesting you amaze your fellow carriage passengers taking up space with a stretch that would bring tears to their eyes, but I am recommending take charge of your breath. Breathing. Take charge of how you centre yourself. Go into yourself. Resist looking at your device, look within. Close your eyes breathe. (That’s if you’re on public transport) and then if you’re driving, switch off the talk back, flick on some classical or better still silence. Resist making ‘just one more phone call’ and breathe. Big deep breathes. In through the nose and out through the mouth. Big long deep breathes. Smile. Breathe. No matter what’s going on, your smile is a key part of your personal brand. Access that smile with lovely deep breathes. Look in that rear vision mirror. Flash those pearly whites. Ahhhh. 

#1 Ditch Back To Backs

Yes. Avoid back to back meetings. Leave room for yourself. Cluster meetings in such a way you create space for recovery. Why? Every meeting you have, exchanges emotional energy with the other person. And if the energy wasn’t so good to be in, you need to clear. And even if the exchange was great, you still need to clear. You need to get clear to be clear. Space alone, brisk walk, stretch, move, close the door. Yes close the door, even for 15 minutes, create space. Take a breather. Jot notes. Drink some water. Complete your thoughts before moving onto the next event. Closing it out keeps the spaces in your mind clear. And if your role requires you to run from thing to thing to thing. Do this in clusters of high intensity, then create in the schedule, intense recovery. All high performers recover. This is necessary to perform at your best.

Space over Time 

Have you ever been in a meeting that flew? You looked at the watch and then, wow? Where did that time go? Or, you’ve been in a meeting and thought, ‘oh no, I thought we’d been here longer than that’ ?. Subject to your level of enjoyment, time distorts. This is an interesting topic in itself, suffice to say, that if you begin to work with space, rather than time, you will literally transform the way your day runs. If this piques your interest, I am inspired to share, we can show you how to do this. You can start to learn how to create space so your business runs more smoothly without you at our workshops.

We’re inspired to invite you to join us and other enlightened business leaders dedicated to constantly working on themselves. We’ll share the number 1 mistake business owners and leaders make that prevent them from accessing the space they need from their business.  

In the meantime

#1 Golf.

#2 Transport Yoga.

#3 Ditch Back To Backs.


Meet Tanya. She’s an International Business Writer, Business Woman, CEO Resource. With 20 years behind her playing confidante to CEO’s she is profoundly aware of the power the right space has to propel enjoyment, fulfilment & success. .
She writes, speaks, teaches. More on her company and the experiences they take both corporate and private clients through here. 



Posted on June 15, 2015

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