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5 Behaviourial Strengths a leader must develop in their team

The role of a leader is to create a team that generates results, a high performing team. Whether you’re a sales manager with increased annual targets or you’re an IT manager and your team need to improve the service they provide to your internal clients, members of a high performing team, according to the High Performance Mindset at Work program, need to possess the following 5 behavioural strengths:

  1. Self Management
How many times have you seen the loathed adult tantrum in the workplace? These tantrums disrupt the entire team, become a distraction in the workplace, and the adult having the tantrum needs to calm down whilst everybody tip toes around them. These create an immediate negative work environment and judgment and mistrust within team members. 
Self management is the ability for your team members to face tough situations by being aware of their emotions and staying calm. It does not mean your team are not allowed to be upset, after all, as fallible human beings this is normal. It’s your team’s ability of calming down and bouncing back and not stew over the negative. Your team members need to refocus as individuals and as a team to allow for more productivity and trust amongst them.
2. Persistence
 Not all the tasks and activities your team will need to complete will be enjoyable. Whether they need to solve a difficult problem, or are required to complete an onerous task, the lack of persistence will welcome the dreaded procrastination. Procrastination will choke your team’s productivity and creativity.
When your team members are persistent they will have the ability to put in the extra effort to complete unsavoury tasks in a timely fashion, and continue to perform.
3. Organisation
Is your team operating as a well-oiled machine with individual and team deadlines being met? Do your team members know how to manage their time and not feel overwhelmed with a growing to do list? Are they organising their time based on their fluctuating brain capacity and energy to ensure they are using their time wisely?
Organisation is defined as your team’s goal to be their best at work and knowing how to manage their time, systems and energy effectively.
4. Confidence
Confidence ensures that when you and your team need to increase your results with the same hours in a day and the same resources, then team members are not afraid of conjuring up different ideas and trying something new. Your team also needs the confidence to speak clearly and communicate effectively amongst themselves and with others internally and externally. Confidence ensures creativity and innovation thrives and new ideas, whether within themselves, with clients, other teams and management can be communicated.
5. Getting Along
This is pretty self-explanatory, that if your team does not get along, then they will not be productive. However, as a leader you cannot expect everybody to like each other. What you can and should expect is everybody accepting one another, peers treating each other with respect and for disagreements to be resolved effectively. 
These five behavioural strengths are applicable to both managers and team members alike. They are only one component of a high performing mindset, however, I’m sure you can appreciate that the absence of one of these strengths can upset your team’s output. Leadership is about the role. It’s your responsibility to ensure your team have or develop the right strengths to achieve your vision and goals.
The content from this post has been taken from the High Performance Mindset at Work program. BSI Learning is offering Sydney-based companies a free 60-minute High Performance Mindset at Work workshop during your next team meeting. This workshop is a great opportunity for you to help refocus your team. Contact Kala and her team  on 1300 137 504 to learn more.
Posted on September 3, 2015

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