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5 Strategies to build your customers trust in your brand

Inspired by Thomas Smale of Entrepreneur magazine https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/289167

Building trust in your brand = consistent in your messaging (reliability) understand your buyer personas (intimacy) and deliver on your promises over time (credibility) 

More about the client and less about the company 

1. Be accessible 

Be available to your customers and allow them to interact with you. 

Make the customer experience awesome

Customer Support 

Customers often have questions, and if there’s nowhere for them to go to get their queries answered, or you don’t respond in a timely manner, you could begin to lose credibility.

How often have you had an issue with your internet/mobile/software package / service only to be answered by a “bot” asking you to hold! 
(Telstra take note!) 
  • Have the call answered within 3 rings
  • Thank the customer for their custom and mean it 
  • Have a proper customer-support infrastructure, using help-desk software like Desk.com. 

Be visible and available at Events, Conferences and Trade Shows

  • Organise events or forums where customers and prospects (Create a bbg forum for your business) 
  • Attend conferences and events. In these ways, you can answer questions in person, which is a great way to increase your likability and accessibility and provide support to your customers

2. Have a great product that the customer “feels a part of” 

A great product/service

The customer needs  be impressed with the quality of the product to justify their purchase. 

The quality and delivery of your product has to be and let ok good just to be “at the table”

Talking a good game and turning around and selling a low-quality product will destroy your brand, leading to mistrust and decreased credibility in the market.

Create a product/service that customers feel that they have been a part of 

Have focus groups and ask your target audience what their needs are and what kind of product would solve their challenges.

Use “Agile vs Waterfall” in technology – If you are building an app – create a minimum viable product (MVP). 

Get the product into the hands of the customer sooner than later and ask for advice. (agile) 

Spending thousands of hours on research and development and launching the product that customers may not even want – happen all to often (waterfall )

3. Be honest.

Be transparent . Show the customer that you care . 

Give customers what they want and you will get what you want.

If your customer does not need your product or service – find out what they need and refer them on.

4. Make the customer feel that he has been given massive value

Delight is in the details, and the little things. 
Provide a WOW customer experience 

See strategy guide on providing a WOW service 

5. Maintain consistency.

Maintaining consistency ensures that your prospects and customers know what to expect. This creates a higher retention rates and many referrals from your delighted customers.

When people refer – they put their reputations at risk. They will only refer you if they are comfortable that their reputation will be enhanced. You become an extension of them.

The building blocks of a consistent brand include:

• Your message. 

Your brand message should be an extension of your actions and behavior. If it isn’t true to who you are, or you can’t deliver on it, you are being inconsistent. 

Your brand’s overall tone also factors in to your message – in other words, how you position yourself in the market. Do you want to be perceived as dependable, aggressive, helpful or some other characteristic? 

Stay focused on the image you’re developing.

• Your design.

 Creating consistent imagery across your logo, website, social networks and print materials is an easy win that can help you build trust with customers.

• Your delivery. 

How will you communicate with your target audience, through what channels and how often? 

To sum it all up

If you can deliver the right results to the right people consistently , and communicate effectively, your customers and community will come to believe and trust in your product and service offerings.

When your prospects and customers trust you, they are more likely to buy from you. When you have their trust, you can also command a higher price and boost the lifetime value of each customer.


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Posted on October 6, 2018

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