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5 tips from Tom Peters on how to make change management programmes work

5 tips from Tom Peters on how to make change management programmes work – extracts from article from Leon Getler of Acuity Magazine April 2015 edition
Tom Peters book “in search of excellence” has placed him as one of the worlds most influential management thinkers. The book identified the traits that set successful companies apart.
AT 72 , he is a prolific blogger and tweeter and has 5 tips to make change management work
  • 1.     WANT IT!! You have to want to change so much that you are prepared to take the shit that goes along with the change – Change does not happen smoothly!!
  • 2.     Build alliances and build TRUST with them – and don’t spend time fighting enemies. Recruit them, spend time with them, respect them, get their trust … Trust is a simple formula – T = C+R+I over S
  • 3.     Don’t sweat the little things – focus on the end game.
  • 4.     Take action – and roll with the punches… what you think the change will look like rarely does. Give the team the kudos… make them feel important, let them own the process.
  • 5.     Be persistant , tenacious and resilient… as Churchill said – to succeed is the ability to go from screw up to screw up without loss of nerve! Churchill had 60 years of problems and 4 good years!

    Posted on April 9, 2015

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