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My stomach was turning siting in the Uber on the way to Paramount Pictures and my friend (who looks like amazon goddess barbie sitting beside me in her long sequinned gown) turns to me and says “what’s wrong”, after I choked down a tear I mange to admit that “I feel like throwing up, I’m not dressed appropriately, I feel fat, I only had 30 minutes to get ready (so I painted over today’s face) and I feel like I don’t belong at this event”. After she tells me to shut the f@*k up she proceeds to give me a pep talk about channeling my inner Marilyn Monroe. I then gave myself a talking to about remembering that I am #unf@ckwithable and “what you think you become.”

So I emerged from that Uber like the confident girlboss that ‘I am’, radiating energy and spreading smiles till I hit the red carpet where we were ushered to pose for photos with the star of the movie. As the flashes went off and people called “over here” and clicked their fingers I realised that we were definitely not the prettiest, thinnest, richest or most famous ladies there but we were the most smiley, fun and positive women in the room and that is why they chose to make a scene around us and why the owner of the film festival asked for our names at the very end of the night and permission to use the images.

I don’t say any of this to brag or big myself up, I say this because it really made me realise that 

what you get in life isn’t about your image, your outfit, your money or your status… it’s about how you choose to show up and who you decide to be in that moment. 

Who are you going to choose to be to be today 

Posted on December 21, 2017

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