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  1. Focus on minutes – there are 1400 in each day make each of them count 
  2. Plan your day 
  3. Transfer your to do list into your diary
  4. Set your priorities – split into 4ds – do it , delegate it, defer it or dump it 
  5. Delegate most of your activities – Create job schedules and task lists for people and allocate times for them (expertential )
  6. Work on 1st 2 “do its” first thing on the morning
  7. Time block for leisure – balance your life 
  8. Write everything down – get rid of mind chatter
  9. Meetings – all to stand up – keep them short and sharp
  10. Say “no” if it’s not focussed on what you want to achieve
  11. Use Pareto’s 80/20 rule – focus on doing the 20pc
  12. If something’s gonna take 20pc to complete, do we t immediately
  13. Excercise every morning as a ritual – walk, yoga, Pilates, gym
  14. Maximise energy to maximise productivity – plan short breaks during day and be sure to eat properly 
  15. Celebrate wins and reward yourself 

Posted on July 9, 2018

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