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I have known Toni Fitzgerald for many years and have deep admiration for the work she is doing in Africa.
This post is about something very serious. Did you know that every 11 seconds in Africa a young girl’s genitals are cut out? This may sound appalling to you and you might be thinking “why should I care because what can I do about it?”.   
There are 92 million girls in Africa who have already undergone this procedure – it is a serious problem and your help will make a huge difference. Toni and the Rights of Girls work to stop this inhumanity and allow young girls to experience a normal life. A life free from diseases, pain and suffering.  
To find out the simple and effective way of how Toni is helping save these children, here is a very short White Paper.


Ivan Kaye

.S. If you want to see what Toni is doing, please take a look at her website
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ps If you feel that you want to be a “goatee” and save a human – feel free to contact Toni and share! 

Posted on October 17, 2018

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