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Forgive for your own sanity

Being able to forgive is a powerful tool that all of us have the capability of doing, and will make your world a better place 

Here is a story! 

One of my close friends, who I had grown up with, was given the mandate to look after our distribution business in another country, embezzled money from that business, forcing the business to close, and causing major  distress to me and my family. (25 years ago).

I decided to close that business and pursue a professional career – and not pursue my friend for what he did. 

For many years, whenever I thought of my friend, I would have this physical pain in my stomach, a heavy heart and a racing pulse! 

In the meantime , the professional career that I have pursued has been an amazing journey resulting in the creation of bsi, bbg and referron! 

I came across my friend many years later (now a well known business figure in his community) – he wanted to connect with me on Facebook! I decided to confront him about what had happened . He apologised profusely, saying he was in a bad space at the time  and did not realise the ramifications that the embezzlement caused! 

I forgave him, and when I did – there was  this massive weight that was lifted from me.

The lesson from the story  is that forgiving isn’t about accepting or excusing the other person’s behaviour. It’s about letting the issue go and preventing it from destroying your stomach and heart !

We should try to forgive for the sake of our own health and happiness.

Refusing to forgive, they say, is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

Have you got a story about forgiving someone – Not just with words – but really forgiving someone? 

Have you got a person who has really disappointed you – and you find it so hurtful – that you cannot forgive? 

What is your story

Posted on November 24, 2018

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