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7 Strategies to stay calm in the midst of chaos

“Radical optimism” is the notion that there’s an upside to everything. Even a global pandemic and worldwide health crisis.”

We have a choice in how we think about any situation we face. Even if you weren’t born an optimist, you can still learn to think like one. “Radical optimism” is the notion that there’s an upside to everything. Even a global pandemic and worldwide health crisis.”  Dr Natalie Dattilo, Clinical Psychologist

You can’t manage the situation – you can manage the way you react to the situation .

Below are 7 Strategies to stay calm in the midst of chaos 

Strategy 1 – be clear about your purpose 

History tells us that during times of great stress, our values and priorities become very clear. We adapt. We recalibrate. We carry on.

Work our what you’re purpose is, what you want to achieve, where you want to be and what you want to be remembered for (your vision ) 

Strategy 2 – work out your goals and start to plan 

Plan – based on different scenarios – 

worst case, likely case and best case 

Best way to stay calm in the midst of chaos – do things is to plan

  • Short term 

4 , 8,12, 24 hours – make lists -full your calendar with todos and tick them off

  • Medium term 

Build a 1 year plan based on different scenarios 

play out worst case scenarios, developing practical plans to manage uncertainty, and discussing strategies for staying calm in the midst of chaos.

  • Long term

What is your business and life going to look like in 5-10-15-20 years

Strategy 3 – learn Radical Optimism can be – it is a powerful tool 

Radical optimism  allows you to reframe a situation. It’s a thinking strategy that empowers you and helps you build confidence. 

It can breed a sense of personal strength and is the foundation of resilience. And like anything, with practice you can get better at it. 

Our current circumstances provide the perfect opportunity for us to step up. It is believing that during times of great challenge, our best selves step up. 

Strategy 4 – It’s OK to fear – but let fear overwhelm you 

My brother Brett Kaye sings a song with a great insight – the world is a narrow bridge – and we can contribute greatly to it  – a little fear is a good thing – it motivates us – it drives us …. however overwhelming fear can cripple us and make us freeze into inaction. 

In the midst of challenge – we perform best with a little fear 

Strategy 5 – Step up to the challenge 

  • In the midst of uncertainty, you learn how to trust. In the midst of rationing resources, you learn how to go without. 
  • In the midst of disappointment, you get better at tolerating unpleasant emotions. 
  • In the midst of illness, you develop a deeper appreciation for your health and the health of your loved ones.

Strategy 6 – have positive confirmations 

We Humans are extraordinarily resilient. During the challenging time 

  • We will come together. 
  • We will overcome. 
  • We will learn. 
  • We will grow. 
  • We will make tough decisions and 
  • We will be stronger as a result.

How you think affects how you feel and what you do. Remind yourself that you are capable. Because you are. 

Don’t lose sight of your purpose and what you are grateful for. 

Brett sings an amazing song about being grateful 

Strategy 7 – maintain the 5 Cs – Connection, Collaboration, Contribution – doing its Continually – to build your Community 

  • Keep your distance bit don’t disconnect and isolate 
  • Keep your distance but don’t stop collaborating 
  • Keep your distance but don’t stop contributing
  • Keep your distance but don’t stop having compassion 
  • Keep your distance but stay involved with your community 

In conclusion 

How well you handle this depends almost entirely on how you think about it and react to it …… that is something over which you have  control over .

Insights from Clive Smallman , Brett Kaye  and 

Dr Natalie Dattilo, Clinical Psychologist

Posted on March 28, 2020

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