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7 things you need to innovate and 3 things to avoid

by Ingrid Gattari 

Problem solving takes creative thinking and confidence to try a different way. Innovative problem solving can be applied in almost any situation: with systems, people, products, technology, venues. 
It takes tenacity and perseverance to push through to the solution.

7 Ways To Discover New Ideas:

  • See problems as an opportunity and problem solve.
  • Prioritise thinking time, get a pen and paper and let your imagination fly.
  • Know where you gain your inspiration from and be inspired.
  • Brainstorm with others to overcome challenges as this is part of the development process.
  • Try out your new ideas remembering failure is part of the journey.
  • Move forward cautiously and market test the idea.
  • Know when to abandon ship if the idea is not floating. Sometimes it’s a timing issue, sometimes it’s a method to market issue. Whatever the reason why the new idea is not selling through, knowing your exit strategy is just as important as the innovative idea. 

3 Things To Avoid When Developing New Ideas:

  • Beware of the detracting comments. The comments are likely to come from those close to you. Know they will come, but don’t be deterred.
  • Discouragement is a killer of new ideas. It lurks close by and can creep into our thinking without us even aware we are discouraged.
  • Avoid stupidity. Don’t bet your bank balance on an untested idea. Large companies have a Research and Development budget which is part of the whole, not the entire kit and caboodle.
Research company, The Hay Group reports on the top companies worldwide, and they found that when the leadership of a company see problems as opportunities, it is those companies that eventually top the list for the Best Companies in their market space.

About Ingrid Gattari, Achievers Group

Ingrid Gattari is the wife of Tony Gattari. She is executive director at Achievers Group. Ingrid has a wealth of experience across a number of industries and has worked in the fields of journalism, public relations, counselling and administration. Ingrid is highly qualified and has a degree in communication (journalism), a diploma in public relations and community services. Ingrid specialises as a trainer, facilitator and coach is the areas of team work, personal development and conflict resolution.
Posted on March 8, 2015

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