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7 tips to become more charismatic

They say “you either got it, or you don’t,” but when it comes to charisma, if you don’t have to have it — you can learn it. 

Charismatic leaders “cause followers to become highly committed to the leader’s mission, to make significant personal sacrifices, and to perform above and beyond the call of duty,” says Robert House, a Wharton School business professor. 

1. Look the part and make sure you project confidence

2. Be present  -Make people feel like they’re the most intelligent, interesting, impressive and fascinating person in the room
3. Engage others by being present and interested

4. Combine your power with warmth to create a full, charismatic package
5. Develop the capacity to engage others – Kennedy was an excellent listener
6. Facial Expression needs to be congruent to what you say – be passionate and inspiring – show an inner sense of purpose – NOT!!
7. Prepare and Practice – Make time to warm-up before a big event – develop the  skill in articulating ideas, vision, and goals

Posted on August 7, 2012

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