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Wayne’s Post

As business owners we have many failings, however we have many successes even when we fail if we have treated our customers/clients right over the years. 

Recently I lost my brother unexpectedly and my Grand Mother, across 3 weeks.

During this time I have made mistakes and a client order was incorrectly processed, sent them double the order.

As a business owner I immediately said “I’ll fix it” and that’s what we as business owners should do every time when we make mistakes.

When my client heard 3rd party  what had happened they called said “no Wayne we will take the lot”. I didn’t agree they they should as for me it’s not about money, sales it’s about getting the job right.

So…I accepted their offer and spread their invoice over 3 months.

Emotion, Problem, Issue, Solution….


 …. as an SME ….. business IS personal … and things that happen in your personal life – affect your performance in your business!!


 ….. your customers and people you deal with care about you …. and if you build strong relationships, are ethical in your dealings and show that you care ….. they will understand …. and support you through your journey! 

Below is a great story that happened  from a founding #bbgmember Wayne Brightman who recently lost his brother and Grandmother in the last 3 weeks 

#makingmistakes #customerservice

Posted on September 4, 2019

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