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Technology and in particular the internet has changed so much but it’s had a huge impact on the modern workplace. Not only has it made things more efficient but it’s allowed people so much more freedom. 

Broadbandsearch.net summed it all up in a really detailed article on 9 ways the internet has changed our lives . Click here for the full article Click here for the article

3 of the BFO’s for me from the article were 

Digital is still underused 

“An interesting piece of research from the article 
87% of CEOs believe that providing digital resources they need will have a substantial impact on revenue – yet only 38% of companies are providing digital solutions”

Employees want to work remote – Employees allow it – but not many people are

Over 90% of employees would like to work from home and are more productive ….. 66% of companies allow this – yet only 16% of companies in the USA are fully remote

E’learning is the bomb
Employees come to work to get upskilled and continuous learning is key.
Companies who make use of e’learning have a significant positive impact on productivity and company success 
Click here for the full article Click here for the article
If you are interested in knowing more about e’learning- go to 
Posted on November 11, 2019

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