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Hamish Corlett a member of Sydney and New York  based TDM Capital –  A private equity’s investor shares his 5 traits of a CEO that he believes is necessary to build a successful business 

A great CEO is…

… A passionate leader with a mission; 

has strong values and is passionate and persistent with the courage to make hard decisions 

…An inspiring story-teller; 

strong communicator; speaks from the heart and empathetic; ability to articulate the vision, values and purpose and create a feeling of belonging. Building a great culture is at the heart of a great company 

… An empowering super-coach; 

an ability to build people and teams, giving their team a chance to shine .

They need to empower the team – but also take control and make hard decisions 

… “A paradoxical combination of personal humility and indomitable will”;

The goal is to build a system and culture so that the business will grow effectively without them 

A great CEO does not demand to be followed – they are worth following!! 

Here is a link to the full article 


Who are the 5 CEOs that you aspire to either be or want to work with? 

Posted on May 10, 2020

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