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8 ways to cope with Criticism

Thank you Rana Kordahi – Sales Coach extraordinaire 

She went pale when I suggested that she should get her message out there through camera, stage, or writing.
“I don’t think I could do it! There are so many unkind people out there. I’m already working on building my self-esteem. Hate or even criticism from people on and even off the internet will just break me.” she told me.
This woman was talented, funny, beautiful, and charismatic. She was deep like Aristotle and wise beyond her years. 
She wanted to grow her business, so I obviously suggested that she shares her brilliance with the world.
But at the same time, I fully understood her fears. I had these fears for years. 
But here is what has worked for me.
1. I expect criticism and not let it startle me.
2. Accept that not everyone is going to like me.
3. Focus on the 90% of people who value my work.
4. I easily identify whether it’s destructive or constructive criticism.
5. I don’t allow myself to dwell on the one destructive criticism. 
6. I use constructive criticism to get better.
7. I focus on continuous self-improvement.
8. I always have kind conversations with myself. 
It’s not easy, but I don’t allow anyone or anything to destroy my self-esteem. 
And as they say, ‘To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, and be nothing.” – Hubbard Elbert
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Posted on April 23, 2020

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