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9 ways to go viral on linked in

LinkedIn marketer – Ryan Stewart Shares some gems of what to do and not to do to help you get more engagement on LinkedIn – 


  • Don’t post links on YouTube or blogs in your post – do as much native stuff as possible – linked wants you to stay on the platform – post links on comments – that’s ok 
  • Get people to read more –  Eg – weird fact – here’s why
  • Copy and paste status URL – boost on Facebook – drive to linked in
  • He then  gives 9 types of posts that can help your LinkedIn post go viral . 
  1. relatable story – tired of people Saying you spend time on your phone???  Here’s why. Think it’s ok ….. what do you think? 
  2. The lesson learned  – talk about your failures And how you overcame – or didn’t!!
  3. The thought provoker – “I quit my job…. started again to follow passion – follow dreams ”
  4. ask open ended question – Hayley Friedman –  how important -mis your ssi?  Here’s my score – what’s yours ? Over 1m views
  5. Go personal – Overcoming pain – breakthrough – build rapport and trust 
  6. Ego bait – tag power people and influencers – transfer of authority 
  7. Top 20 power users / influencers – get them to comment – and it goes to their feeds which goes to their millions of followers – transfer of authority 
  8. The hack – what you can do to make things simple – upload video – add value 
  9. Be controversial – a thought in your industry – for or against 
Posted on February 20, 2020

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