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A nugget from Paul Metcalfe – on how to treat recalcitrant debtors

Hi guys, a really important tip this one- believe it or not my magic word for getting yourself paid is HELP- help your customer, in any possible way you can. Here is an example- we were sent a $3500 debt to collect last week, the debtor was a young guy running a construction business, he was quite dismissive when we first spoke, promising $1000 last Friday and another $2500 next Friday but it seemed a bit flimsy and I didn’t really believe him- I check his company credit file this morning and notice ASIC have applied to deregister the company, meaning he hasn’t paid his annual return- so I called him, told him, and gave him the direct phone number for ASIC’s fee department and recommended he call them and pay it ASAP.  He thanked me profusely as he had no idea, I ask him again about the $1000 and he paid it then and there.  So what was a flimsy, unlikely payment was now a guaranteed $1000 and a rock solid $2500 for next week- and all it took was 30 seconds of work and a phone call.  Remember guys, debtors doing it tough will always prioritize who gets what- help them and your invoice goes straight to the top of the pile every single time.   If you can’t think of any way to help them, then just say you will mention their business on your Facebook page. Who doesn’t love free exposure. Cheers

Posted on July 5, 2017

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