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Adam Riemer @ BBG talking about ROI, Affiliate Marketing , Facebook and Google – and of course WINE and TIARRAS

Hi Ivan,
I wanted to let you know I thought today was an amazing lunch presentation for so many reasons. Adam is the first presenter I have seen consume a bottle of red whilst presenting to an audience of 100 people and I have been around a long time. More amazingly though was the insights he gave on what is really happening with data analytics on the major social platforms. I would be surprised the level of information the Westpac Board realises is on the web about their senior staff (or maybe not) as they are probably able to profile most of their customers the same way. I regard you and I as more than mug punters but today was a revelation. Well worth the BBG membership with these type of lunch time presenters. Now what to make of all this and how to make it work in an SME business environment.
Talk soon.

John Scutt | Managing Director | The Lindfield Partners Pty Ltd T/A Essential Management Services

Posted on April 17, 2018

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