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Are digital marketing strategies leaving traditional marketing strategies behind?


The rapid evolution of digital platforms has created unparalleled opportunities for marketers who are focusing on digital marketing. Corporations worldwide are increasingly allocating a significant amount of their marketing budgets to Digital marketing as they are seeing a measurable Return on investment (ROI) on their digital marketing campaigns.

In India, E-commerce companies have been increasingly taken over a large part of the market share particularly in the Electronics and apparel segment of the marketplace.The traditional brick and mortar retailers have been severely impacted since E-commerce platforms started making inroads into their traditional customer base.

The mobile internet revolution in India has resulted in increased penetration in the urban and rural areas and empowered people to increasingly shop online via their mobile platforms.

Does this spell the death knell for traditional marketing platforms such as the TV, print and publishing media? Not really.

One needs to just observe how a home grown brand like Patanjali promoted by Baba Ramdev has taken over the FMCG Industry by storm. A point to note is that although they have their own online E-commerce portal, their marketing strategy has been around the concept of “Emotional connect” of a brand. 

When Patanjali introduced their products in India, their go to market strategy and messaging was very clear. The adopted the “Pull strategy” around promotions and campaigns for their products. Their product messaging was based on the concept of “Emotional connect of a brand. The emotional connect of their products was based on the “Swadeshi” philosophy attracting the Indian consumers to opt for products which are “Made in India” and this was in sync with PM Narendra Modi’s “Make in India” campaign. Patanjali products are herbal home made products and are made in India which prompted the Indian consumers to try them out. 

Patanjali made inroads in both urban and rural areas by adopting the “traditional franchisee” model and allowing customers to have a first hand experience of their products at retail outlets. Their products are cheaper as compared to their MNC counterparts and their annual sales figures have crossed the INR 5000 crores.

Does your brand have an Emotional connect?

Posted on May 6, 2016

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