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Are you an entrepreneur?

As an Entrepreneur – you belong to a club – club fear!!! 
Take Risks
You are willing to take risks – sometimes unsupported by logic or reason – in pursuit of some grandiose goal – many people will categorize you as insane – but you believe in yourself and you are laser focussed on achieving your vision. 
Dream Big
You dream big, and never stop trying to break through boundaries and challenges. 
Failure is just part of everyday life!!! But that’s ok… Because you will try again until you succeed! You recognise that short term sacrifices is the price to pay for the big payout! 
You have the ability to change quickly or pivot – if something doesn’t work, you recalibrate and pivot.
You are obsessed with your idea, and are outspoken about it! 
Innovation and rules 
You don’t mind getting into trouble and don’t always play by the rules – there is only one rule in entrepreneurship – there are no rules – by definition innovation is about going somewhere where no one has been before – by definition there are no rules . Rules maintain the status quo 
In summary 
You have an enormous amount of energy, thrive on a challenge and you are ok if you fail, because you recognise that failing is a learning and another step towards achieving your goal . 
Posted on March 27, 2016

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