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Basic business principals in making a successful cap raise

TEDx Speaker Dr A Minai and linked in influencer talks about the 3 things that will bolster your success of an ICO and the 9 things you need to do to make your ICO succeed.

These are the things and practices that every business needs to omunderstand to scale, raise money and succeed

3 VERY BASIC things that will bolster your ICO success substantially.

  1. Clarity about the idea of an ICO – what pain does it solve
  2. The quality of the whitepaper
  3. Influencer and content marketing should be you breakfast lunch and supper

nine (9) best practices you ideally should eat, sleep, & breath when you’re ICO-ing.

  1. Build your community
  2. it’s about giving an roi to investors
  3. Build a great team
  4. Make it real – not vapourware
  5. Timing is everything
  6. It’s not about the ICO – it’s about after the ICO
  7. Beware of scammers and impersonators 
  8. Be sure to hustle – attend events, conferences, do Pr and social media
  9. Make sure your customers can add value 

Read article on link in comments below – it’s gold 

Posted on February 10, 2020

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