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BBG Sydney CBD Forum – Ari Galper Think Tank

Posted on April 24, 2019

One response to “BBG Sydney CBD Forum – Ari Galper Think Tank”

  1. Ivan Kaye says:

    The power of #collaboration at the #bbgforum as we #thinktank about #sales

    @Rob pierce

    💥Shift in mindset – the way we see opportunity
    💥The language we use – to engage
    Are you ok with that?
    Are you open to ?
    💥The power of listening – getting off #hpium and creating relationships
    💥Give customer what they want as opposed to selling them what we got
    💥Ask for feedback
    💥Does the prospective client “fit” with our organisation ?is this the type of person we want to be involved in
    💥Be prepared to walk away
    💥Slow it down
    💥You are selecting them

    @peter Damnjanovic – It’s about
    💥a change of paradigm,
    #martialarts arts (flow like water) ,
    💥be real and
    💥be connected

    Where to from here ?

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