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Be a StartUp game changer – Doron Ben-Meir

Q & A with Doron Ben-Meir, Commercialisation Australia
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 Q: What are your role and responsibilities?
I’m CEO of Commercialisation Australia, an initiative of the Federal government that offers funding and resources to accelerate the business-building process for Australian companies, entrepreneurs, researchers and inventors.
Q: How did you get your start?
 I co-founded six technology-based companies and professionally invested in early stage companies for over a decade.
Q: What information will you be sharing at CeBIT Australia 2013?
I will explain what Commercialisation Australia is doing to stimulate and facilitate Australia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and how everyone at the CeBit StartUp conference can get involved.
Q: What are the three key challenges for entrepreneurs?
  1. Conceiving a vision
  2. Selling the vision
  3. Executing the vision
Q: What do investors look for in StartUp ideas?
Game changers
Q: How does Australia compare globally in the StartUp ideas space?
 Australians are as good as anyone on earth with regard to ideas generation. Our challenge is to get better at converting those ideas into scalable businesses.
Posted on May 26, 2013

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