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Booking Angel – Pay per View – exciting Investment!!

Letter from the founder and CEO Dean McEvoy to me this week
Just wanted to bring your attention to an article in the New York Times on Booking Angel. (No it’s not an April Fools joke 😉 It is great they picked up on it only a week after going live in the US with www.boorah.com and before we have gone live with www.la.com and their sales force. For those of you in Palo Alto – you can book a local restaurant here http://www.boorah.com/restaurants/c/133/CA/Palo-Alto.html (Let me know if you have some feedback). We will be live with over 4000 restaurants in the next month across Los Angeles so stay tuned for this and even more exciting developments as we jump into the US market.

The American sites join NineMSN’s www.yourrestaurants.com.au, www.eatability.com.au and recently www.my247.com.au as users of our easy online reservation system.

Its been long hours above and beyond the call with the whole team. – our programming team Gerry Tan, Dave Watson and Jarrad Kabral. Brilliant persistence from our VP of Business Development Alex Daniel as well as lots of help along the way from people like Peter Love, Chris Martin and David Varnes plus our other suppliers, mentors, investors (ADI, Information City, various individuals, family & friends, Visa & American Express ;-p) and partners. It’s just the beginning but just wanted to give you all an idea of the people behind Booking Angel and publicly thank them.

Hope you are all well. Look forward to catching up in Sydney or the US in the next few months. I used this really cool predictive search engine from Google to see what might be written about Booking Angel in the future. You should check out what it can predict for you http://www.google.com.au/intl/en/gday/index.html


Dean McEvoy
C.E.O & Founder
Aus Office: Suite 301, 55 Holt St | Surry Hills, NSW, 2010
p 1300 367 148 | d +612 8005 0215 |
m +61 414 421 978 |f. +612 9475 0632 |

U.S.A office: 6464 Sunset Blvd, Suite 610
Hollywood CA 90028 |+ 1 408 540 6437

dean@bookingangel.com | Skype:Bookingangel.

Posted on June 7, 2008

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