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BSI Investor Forum showcases 7 innovative companies ready for exponential growth

7 Innovative Companies showcased their technologies and opportunities to 150+ High Net Worth Individuals and Funds at the 13th BSI Investor Forum, held last week in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Fiona Pak Poy of Innovation Capital opening the Sydney Autumn 2006 Investor Forum. Fiona emphasised that VC investing is not for the faint hearted, however savvy VCs should make an annualised IRR of +20%. One of Innovation Capital’s star performers is B Code which presented at the BSI Investor Forum in February 05, of which ADI was a seed investor.

Viki Forrest, CEO of Anzatech to open the Melbourne BSI Investor Forum. Both BSI/ADI and Anzatech are pert of John Brumby’s innovative Vicstart Programme, which helps Victorian Companies access capital, finance and gain entry and relationships to the USA market. BSI and Anzatech will work closely together to assist Innovative Companies access the USA market place.

Paul Johnston and Greg Beaver opened the Brisbane’s Investor Forum, welcoming this innovative Forum to the Queensland Investment and VC Community.

For details and pictures of the event click here

Posted on June 11, 2006

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