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BSI USA secures record numbers at Investor Forum


Palo Alto, CA – July 22, 2008 – BSI USA, Australia’s leading private business export development company in the USA, has secured record numbers at the Investor Forum for the six of Australian tech companies it has brought over to Silicon Valley this week.

According to BSI USA CEO David Brown investor RSVPs were now above 80 for today’s Australian BSI USA Investor Forum session, which is held prior to the prestigious AlwaysOn & STVP Summit at Stanford, CA [July 22 – 24, 2008]. BSI USA is an AlwaysOn partner.

BSI USA supports innovative Australian companies that want to enter the USA market in the right way – often with VC finding, partners, clients, and new board members.

Coaching, high-level introductions, and messaging and presentation delivery is all part of the BSI USA package which is unique to the USA.

Brown says BSI USA offers similar programs for USA companies wanting access to the Australian market with tax, partnering, and strategic advice and connections usually only available to large companies.

AlwaysOn VP and Director Noah Gellman said BSI USA had demonstrated its powerful reach into the core of innovative technologies from Australia. “This calibre of innovation is highly sought after by the AlwaysOn community of investors, and leading technology business partners,” he said.

He said BSI USA should be “congratulated for offering a powerful US business program for companies and expanding the global Silicon Valley to Australia”.

BSI USA CEO David Brown said this years’ team from Australia was particularly impressive and he was keen to see the investor response to the hand picked executives.

“BSI USA works closely with the executives in the weeks prior to make sure they are absolutely prepared for the presentations and networking sessions that could literally catapult them into the USA with funding and powerful partners,” said Brown.

The three day pre-conference preparation program developed by BSI USA includes a one on one presentation by AlwaysOn Founder [and former founder of RedHerring] Tony Perkins], and a private session with lead venture capital firm Southern Cross Ventures.

The six companies have also heard first hand from Valley-based Australian success stories such as Gower Smith from Zoom Systems about how they secured capital and established their companies in this highly competitive market.

The companies include:

RedBubble www.RedBubble.com
RedBubble is at the forefront of the open art movement – art made accessible to creators and purchasers by the web.

Loop 9 www.loop9.com
Travel Messenger™ is the latest breakthrough in travel information technology designed to build powerful bonds between travellers and their on and off-line travel agents domestically and around the world.

Contivio www.eonesolutions.net
Contivio.com is a virtual contact centre solution, delivered as a toolbar inside Microsoft Internet Explorer, offering the advanced functionality found in million dollar CRM systems at SME pricing.

Greatest Asset www.alphaone.com.au
Greatest Asset offers state-of-the-science workplace health and productivity programs tailored to suit industry, including quality resources and links for personal health and fitness management.

SMACKB!Z www.zac-ware.com
SMACKB!Z has tamed the video so it can be managed like a document which can be searched, filed, and archived online within a corporation – without the need for any special expertise.

Booking Angel www.bookingangel.com
Booking Angel allows clients to book reservations and appointments online without requiring the small business to implement any web system

“BSI’s award-winning success in Australia is well documented, and now we are replicating this in the US – only on a much larger scale,” Brown said.

“Our mission is to drive hundreds of millions of dollars in US investment and deals for our Australian BSI USA Investor Forum companies and bring some of the best in Australian tech to American shores.

About BSI
BSI assists innovative companies access capital, grants and international gateways. The BSI Investor Forum, which has become synonymous with early stage capital-raising in Australia has launched in the USA. BSI manages 2 Incubation Funds, ADI and Information City, which currently has 30 Investments. www.bsi.com.au

Posted on July 23, 2008

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