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Circle of Concern vs Circle of Influence

Our Circle of Concern is filled with things beyond our control 

Coronavirus, governments, share markets, travel bans, etc – that we may care about and things that can cause concern, however, they are all the things we have no control over. 

Our Circle of Influence, on the other hand, is filled with all the things that we can control – emotions, attitude, health, relationships, decisions and actions – this is what we should be focussed on. 

Actions to take as a leader 

Your team will be looking for confidence, strength, and encouragement – as their own confidence may be down with everything going on around them. They need you to lift their spirits.

Do not panic  and be positive and proactive even if you aren’t particularly feeling so. 
Energy, both good and bad, is contagious and spreads throughout your office / virtual office and can be felt over the phone in conversations with clients. 

Actions to take as a human 

  • Take care of your health. Sleep well, exercise even if walking around the block, and eat well
  • Keep your distances, wear a mask outside and wash hands regularly 
  • When you put the key in the door of your office, pick up the phone or turn on the zoom video call, turn on the right attitude and positive energy
  • Consult with your staff often, consult with clients often, consult with family members often
  • Be decisive, don’t dilly-dally, make decisions quickly and act.
  • Have gratitude
Inspired by Edward Chan ed@wizementoring.com
And Steven Covey – 7 habits of highly effective people 

Posted on April 2, 2020

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