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Cliff Rosenberg moves on from LinkedIn to Connect Public Companies to Tech Startups


Cliff Rosenberg – who has headed up Linked in Australia through its rapid rise over the past 6 years, is moving on to  pursue a career as an advisor, investor and director with public companies to help tech start-ups.

This, in my view, is a big win for the venture capital industry, and I believe that Cliff will do for VC what he did for Linked-in.

Public companies need to and indeed want to Innovate…. but need someone to rely on that they can TRUST. 

LinkedIn’s marketing Director and head of enterprise, Matt Tindale will be filling in Cliff’s shoes at Linked-In. .

Oliver Grand CEO of LinkedIn APAC has said about Cliff

“Cliff was also instrumental in building and keeping alive an exceptional culture in our Sydney and Melbourne office, one that continues to inspire our employees to live and breathe our mission. His leadership took us to where we are today, and will be foundational as we continue to chart a path towards our vision of creating economic opportunities for every member of the global workforce, including those in Australia and New Zealand. We wish him well for the future.”

This is a legacy that I would aspire to leave. Cliff, congrats on an outstanding 6 years at Linked In , and Venture Capital Australia is fortunate to have your focus over the next 6 years!! 
Posted on May 16, 2017

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  1. i really like your blog. Very useful informations. Thx

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