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Clinton working the room

Great Insite by Beth Azor http://www.bethazor.com/beths-blog/entry/working-the-room

One of Bill Clinton’s biggest strengths. He says when Bill walks into a room, he has an incredible instinct to find the one person in the entire room who may at that moment be down, depressed or just a low member on the totem pole.  He approaches this person and has a very engaging chat with them, making them feel one-in-a-million. 
When I speak to new leasing agents or clients who are not fond of networking, I encourage a similar tact. Find the person who is standing alone. Go up and speak to him or her. They will love you! You will have saved them and who knows, he or she could be the next head of real estate at the best and most expanding retailer in our industry!
Start with one – it only takes one.  That’s how you “work the room”.  Walk in and introduce yourself, and if you are new and you happen to meet a veteran in the business, ask them their tips for success! People always love to give advice. Help them do that with you!
Posted on March 14, 2016

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