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Congratulate Coaching for leaders for their 10 millionth download

“Leaders are made not born – nurture or nature”

Dave and Bonnie – Coaching for leaders podcast 

People congratulating “coaching for leaders” podcast – Dave and Bonnie – thanking for  10million  downloads in 8 years – and sharing their gems that they learnt from the podcast 

A gem ? “positive feedback is the fuel of champions!” – be sure to give this in abundance! 

Adrian – analyst to manager to vp – from managing 1 person to 40 

The gem ? Feedback, transparency – trust and the Power of movement – taking action and doing things consistently 

Steve – was inspired to do coaching for leaders academy focussing on taking “Action and teaching” – he formed a mastermind / circle ⭕️/ where leadership is being taught — which  is building a solid connected community – 

The gem ? consistency is key 

The gem ? Make it personal to you and take  action 

Our very own Bill Mclellan – 

the gem ? showing up every week –  finding that idea, thought or discussion – 

The gem ? the power of showing up and serving 

The gem ? Refer, serve  and share 

The gem ? from Dave – show up – even if it doesn’t feel great – the benefit is there – example go to a dentist and a gym – consistently  

The gem ? – even if you are struggling -act positive as a leader – it’s contagious and you will make a positive interest in a 10x way 

Daniel – North Carolina – teacher – awe – acronym  (what is it ? )

The gems  ? Grow and be better prepared 

The gem ? Have Intentional conversations 

The gem ? Dave feels like an Archaeologist – dig in and be an evangelist of great ideas  – help someone  learn something each poscast  

Steve – San Antonio – 

The gem ? episode 44 – power of introverts – do what you do best / and communicate that to others . The podcast inspired Steve to Start his own bookkeeping firm from home – helping his clients collect and analyse data , proved insights and change lives 

Dave highlights a gem ? Showing up consistently is key – be mediocre until you are an expert – in midst of learning and mediocrity – lots happen

Isabel – strengthsfinder coach 

The gem ? – the importance of existing networks vs building new networks – stay connected – put energy into adding value to your networks – what you give you get – 10x  – the law of reciprocation

The gem ? Build better relationships and 

The gem ? “Invest in people in front of you”


The gem ? – episode 285 – how to write a killer LinkedIn profile – Just do it – help connecting with more of the right people – 

Needs to reflect mission purpose values 

Fine tune it over long period – 

The gem ? be consistent 

Margaret MacArthur – Melb – 

A gem ? especially  for a woman – interact in meeting – be the 2nd person who speaks – ensures you actively listen  to keynote or person answering a question – helps you be present and  listening – be part of the conversation and make a contribution 

The gem ?– be grateful and thank others – David thanking Bonnie – it’s the little things that give the power of wow! 

Tory – Kenya – how to lead a team – country director and teach other in aid work – 

The gem ?– Building relationships is key 

Some interesting podcasts 

Posted on September 3, 2019

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